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  • Family Matters

    It seems like just yesterday that my kids were born. I have so many happy memories from that time, but I also remember the very real fear that came with losing income while I stayed home with my brand new babies. This is why I'm proud to share that the...
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  • Palm Beach Post: Judge asks governor for opioids help: ‘It’s just the right thing to do’

    As Palm Beach County’s chief circuit judge, Jeffrey Colbath has had a courtroom view of the opioid epidemic’s toll on society during the past few years. He also is aware that local leaders have pleaded to Gov. Rick Scott for help to curb the crisis, only to be ignored. That’s...
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  • The Insider: Heroin crisis: Palm Beach County League of Cities calls on governor for help

    A group of elected leaders representing Palm Beach County’s 39 municipalities has joined other public officials in seeking state help to fight the opioid epidemic. By a 16-0 vote, the governing board of the Palm Beach County League of Cities approved a resolution Wednesday asking Gov. Rick Scott “to declare...
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