My Planned Parenthood Story

In case you missed it, the House Republicans just voted to defund Planned Parenthood.

Days like today are exactly why I am running for Congress. Playing political games with anyone's health is not acceptable, and using scare tactics in place of facts has become far too common in Washington.  What we don't hear during these "debates" are real stories from real people.
When I went off to college at 18, my mom's insurance stopped covering me. Going without an annual exam was not an option, due to my family history. But neither was paying full price at a doctor's office. So I went to Planned Parenthood every year for an exam. It cost me about $20.

When I first got married, my husband was a law student. So we had no insurance. We lived in a new city. I didn't know any doctors. But there was a Planned Parenthood. It was a name I trusted. My annual exam was about $30.

Because I had regular exams, I caught a serious issue early that could have led to infertility if left untreated.

Thankfully, I had somewhere to go for quality treatment. And when I was ready, I became the mother of three beautiful children.

I walked through the doors of Planned Parenthood to make sure I stayed healthy in hopes that one day I would have a family.  Every woman should have that same access to quality, affordable care.

No rhetoric.  Just a real story from a real person.  I think we need more of that in Washington.  Don't you?

Thank you,