Promises Kept

Three years ago, I decided to step up to serve our community by seeking a seat on the County Commission. It was a tough campaign, but my tireless grassroots team, common sense policy proposals - and of course smart campaign strategy - pushed us over the top.

Because you played a key role in that 2014 victory, I wanted you to be the first to know that I have decided to seek re-election to the Palm Beach County District 6 Commission seat. Working together, we can win again.

As you know, I have taken a common sense approach to dealing with our challenges, and it makes all the difference. While division grows nationally, my collaborative leadership approach is getting real results right here at home.

I am proud that my hard work is earning respect not just at the county level, but statewide as well. With the help of my colleagues, I am in position to be Mayor in November and I also have their support to run for the President of the Florida Association of Counties. I have worked hard to have an open door to leadership on both sides of the aisle in Tallahassee so I may best serve the people of Palm Beach County.

Together, we are making government more efficient and responsive. But there is more work to do, and I need to win re-election to continue that progress. In order to fund the initial needs of our campaign, it is important that we raise $38,000 by April 30. Will you help me reach our goal?

When I ran for my first term, I promised to prioritize much needed infrastructure improvements, economic development, and workforce training programs to the Glades community. I also pledged to provide a sense of civility, integrity and honesty to public service, and to represent the voices of our community's hardworking families by keeping neighborhoods safe and our children secure.

I kept my promises.

Today, tens of millions of dollars have been invested in critical improvements for road, water, housing, education, and flood control projects. We have seen the Army Corps of Engineers fully authorize the Herbert Hoover Dike repairs, Zone 1 project completion, and the replacement of culverts from Belle Glade to Lake Harbor get underway. We have new road reconstruction and repavement, and have implemented fast-tracked replacement of old rusty water pipes through a state-local funding partnership in the Glades.

To improve regional options for higher learning and hands-on technical training to strengthen our local economy, the doors at the Loxahatchee Groves campus of Palm Beach State College recently opened and West Tech in the Glades continues to grow its construction academy to serve both high school students and adults. And to improve public safety in our Western Communities, construction planning of a new fire station in the Acreage is underway.

Traffic and development pressures are not going away, so I successfully advocated for traffic safety studies by the Florida Department of Transportation along our major roadway corridors, and I am pushing for sidewalks, lighting, school zone signage, and shoulder improvements. Because we know better than Tallahassee how to best manage local development, I continue to fight against the State Legislature's erosion of home rule authority, especially in the area of growth management.

It is no secret I have taken a leadership role on addressing the horrific opioid/heroin overdose crisis. Did you know we lost nearly 600 lives in Palm Beach County alone in 2016? A recent request to the Governor's office to declare a public health crisis has gone unanswered, but my advocacy in memory of my former aide Johnnie Easton's daughter has resulted in a new sense of urgency in our state from leaders across the board to address this epidemic.

Being a mom with kids in our public schools facing many of the same challenges my constituents face keeps me grounded and connected to the needs of our community. I hope you will support me as I seek a second term to continue to represent you.

Please help keep me leading the way by sending your generous contribution today. Any amount - $50, $150, $500, up to the $1000 per person/business contribution limit - will help us reach our goal. As always, I will use every dollar to advance an efficient, results driven effort to achieve a win for all of us next year!

Feel free to reach out to me anytime with questions, thoughts, and your good ideas. I feel blessed to be able to serve you and the residents of Palm Beach County each day.

In grateful service,


P.S. I know you have many commitments, but this is an important time to show potential challengers that we are up to the task – and that you are on my side. Please take a moment to send your generous contribution today so we can keep moving our community forward – together.