Regarding our infrastructure.

I'm going to Congress to make sure things get done in this district and across Florida - and one of the most critical items on my list is working to fix our infrastructure. 

I've already made some progress:

As a County Commissioner, I've already started working on critical infrastructure issues.  I've reached across the aisle, negotiating with both local and legislative leaders to secure an extra $6 million in funds to address road repairs in three of Florida's poorest cities. 

While this is a step forward I am proud of, our roads and bridges are still in awful shape. The repairs and upgrades are just not keeping pace with the area's needs.

In Congress,  I'm going to push hard to make sure that we not only get the money we need to fix things, but that our area benefits from investments to modernize wherever that's possible. Keeping our infrastructure in good repair speeds up commerce, supports businesses, and saves lives. 

I know I can make a difference   I've done it before.

If you agree that we need to make infrastructure a top priority, please contribute to my campaign here.

- Melissa